Adleta Galleries, Ltd is extremely pleased that we have been able to share selected art and design with the Athens' region. Although the physical gallery has been replaced with this website, we are happy doing research and writing on Willow Creek in Athens. We hope to be updating our offerings and letting you know what and how we are doing as we evolve our new domain

Adleta Galleries, Ltd.


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Write to us at: if you are interested in any of the work you see. We maintain a contact with all the artists in our archive, however we must see if the piece is still available. Thank you for your interest.


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Regarding Adleta Galleries, Ltd.:

As some of you know, while Adleta Galleries, Ltd. was rejuvenating, Don took time to reflect on how to stay healthy, relax and further develop his research. He was developing a ‘RAVE” concept for future shows but decided that his efforts were best focused on the research and his work at OU. The gallery in Canaanville closed when Don took on more administrative tasks and also developed the Ohio University MFA in Graphic Design. Both tasks prevented gallery activity.

The Adleta Design studio is at Don and Fred’s farm on Willow Creek Road, which also is the physical home for Adleta Galleries, Ltd. and Don ‘s drawing/painting/design studio. The 3000 square foot dairy barn on the property may eventually be the future home for a new Adleta Galleries, Ltd.; we will keep you informed. Thank you for your patience while we continue to build our future.

Don E. Adleta,
Adleta Galleries, Ltd

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To find out more about Don E Adleta, go to:

Don Adleta Ohio University Profile

The Bali Exhibit of Don's Color Workshops conducted in Bali, Indonesia

Or simply write him at:

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