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Thoughts on Nelson Hippolyte's book, Surface of Secrets, which is based on his exhibition, "Asphalt: Poetics of the Surface", consisting of 20 photographic prints.

If an image can be a window to the mundane, a person could surely find a sense of self within them. There are many levels
of meditation when you transcend the mundane. You are able to release yourself from life's mêlée when you pause to the experience. This is exactly what occurs when you find yourself within the images of
this book.

The image Nelson Hippolyte seeks to share with his viewer provides a vehicle for the viewer to focus their observations of life. They always have a sensation filled with a presence of self-discovery. The viewer enjoys the time of the viewing event. Within the images there is a space allowing the pleasant place where only you can open your mind. Nelson invites you to finish
the voice he records.


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nelSon HiPpolyte.
“Surface of Secrets”

The following images are featured in "Surface of Secrets", a book of images from Nelson's latest body of work, "Asphalt: Poetics of the Surface." that was exhibited at the Trisolini Gallery on the campus of Ohio University.

The thirtyfour original prints including these are available unframed. Please contact
Don Adleta
for details.


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Hippolyte communicates with his images, looking for and finding beauty in the most unexpected
places. Hippolyte states: "People seem absent from the mundane; the small, the unnoticed.
I look at what surrounds me and find beauty in the path, the road and its characteristic marking."
Nelson has a profound sense of using the window of the camera. It is an honor to have experienced these secrets of surface.

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