1982 Staatkicher Kunstkredit
Basel-Stadt 1982/83
The little-known Poster. . .
the craziest . . .
35 5/8 x 50 3/8 inches =
90.5 cm x 128 cm











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Adleta Galleries, Ltd is extremely pleased to share the innovative posters of
Wolfgang Weingart and his book..

Weingart posters + his book

Wolfgang Weingart, price list

1983 Gewerbemuseum Basel, Das Schweizer Plakat 1900 – 1984. 'from the Blue Version . . .'
35 5/8 x 50 3/8 inches = 90.5 cm x 128 cm



Wolfgang Weingart

Weingart is represented in the permanent collections of the MoMA, and
Cooper-Hewit, New York as well as the Kunstgewerebe Museum, Zurich. These are only a few of the numerous museums collecting Weingart’s designs; in addition, there are literally hundreds of private collectors and galleries investing in his innovations. He is one of the most significant design thought-leaders and contributors of contemporary visual aesthetics in design today. His maintained design education pedagogy is: teaching individuals a method of perpetuating their own innovation within any given context. He celebrated thirty years of tenure as a design educator at the Algemeine Kunstgewerbeschule Basel, Switzerland, while he maintained his design practice/research. He continues to conduct design workshops and research worldwide (visit his summer workshop at: http://basics.sfgbasel.ch).

1977 Staatlicher Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt 1976/77, The first Weingart Poster in Worldformat.
35 5/8 x 50 3/8 inches = 90.5 cm x 128 cm

This show is launching a very significant arrangement between
Wolfgang Weingart and Adleta Galleries, Ltd.; whereby Adleta Galleries, Ltd. is an official distributor of Weingart posters in the states.

If you are interested in investing into the contemporary design culture and Weingart's historic design landmarks, please visit Wolfgang Weingart's price list.




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10 Posters, large format printouts from Weingart's book as well as his book, Weingart: Typography, My Way to Typography Retrospective in Ten Sections, are available.





1981 Kunstgewerbemuseum Zurich, Schreibkunst. The schoolmaster Poster.People often wonder why this is the best known.
35 5/8 x 50 3/8 inches = 90.5 cm x 128 cm












Weingart: Typography, My Way to Typography Retrospective in Ten Sections. 2000



From page 95 of sein Buch.
A genius breakthrough of Weingart's curved lines in metal letterpress printing.